Photo 15 - JobsI will be an advocate for the following that will assist in job creation and help to ensure that Michigan is an attractive place to live and work.


  • Introduce a mandatory phase-out of the personal income tax.
  • Encourage small business by reducing regulation and taxes.
  • Encourage natural resource extraction in Michigan. We have abundant oil production potential in south central Michigan and copper, silver, gold and nickel resources in the Upper Peninsula. The state regulatory regime should protect the property owners and the environment while not bowing to hysteria.

Photo 16 - JobsFISCAL HEALTH

  • Prohibit local governments from running unbalanced budgets. Our formerly great cities of Detroit and Flint should not have been allowed to fall apart as catastrophically as they have.
  • Encourage local government consolidation of services so as to reduce the cost to taxpayers while also protecting service levels and public safety.
  • Photo 18 - RoadRestore a healthy fund balance so that Michigan can weather future economic downturns better than it did in the last decade.
  • Dramatically reduce the salaries and budgets of the state senate and legislature. The legislature should be part-time and compensated accordingly.


  • Photo 17 - EducationMichigan children deserve a better education. We must demand accountability from public schools. Those that fail should be eliminated. Teachers that excel should be rewarded. Children born to poor families should not be punished with sub-standard education and deserve a quality education.
  • Create competition for school funding by the introduction of tax credits for parents of students attending non-public schools. The resulting benefit will be the elevation of all school performances. Children will win and so will teachers and parents.
  • Demand accountability, transparency and fiscal integrity in higher education. Public colleges and universities should not be allowed to increase spending substantially higher than the rate of inflation. Tuition should not be doubled every 5-7 years.